Decoy/Dummy Camera 2

Decoy/Dummy Camera 2
Decoy/Dummy Camera 2 Decoy/Dummy Camera 2
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Still looking for cheaper but effective gadgets to deter crimes off your personal space, or thinking of adding cheaper surveillance cameras to your existing home alarm system? We offer this professional and genuine looking replicas, even your neighbours would think you have just installed a set of professional home security system.


Replicas would mean they are the exact copy of real working surveillance cameras in the market, and yes, these replicated cameras have their exact operating and functioning models, it is not easy to identify the decoy and the real ones. Forget about dirt cheap priced and inferior models in the market, they are too commonly available and less likely to do a good job to deter illegal intrusions. 


These easy to install replicated cameras just need a few screws, batteries and you are done. They are battery operated and have a red flashing LED in intervals. Simply replace the battery when you notice the LED stops flashing.




Colour: Grey, black
Weight:  350g
Dimensions:  175 x 80 x 155mm
 Bracket Height: 100mm
Bracket Base:   60mm
Special feature:  LED flashes constantly, 5 seconds interval
Mounting Method: Screws x 3, fixed
Infrared LED: 30 pieces, mock
Camerarotation:  Downwards 70 degrees, L/R 360 degrees
Camera Lens Diameter: 25mm, black
Power Source:  1.5V AA Battery x 2 (Not Included)
  Accessories:  Mounting hardware pack, mock cable wires



Quality Assurance: 

For similar prices you pay, we offer you high packaging standards for protection on each and every parcel, they are being packed with layers of bubblewraps and quality envelopes, unlike common sellers only uses cheap and non-protected packaging to save their cost.

We ensure that all merchandises sold are new and original items. Strict inspections are performed for each and every merchandise for all orders before the parcels are dispatched.



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